Katrin Suess is back with her new London based venture Styleicona

- September 5, 2014 2 MIN READ

Styleicona is the name of the new fashion startup headed by serial entrepreneur Katrin Suess (ZeroMail, BleeBook, Desciens, Vimily). The newly launched app aims to create a global place for fashion democracy – something many fashion platforms have attempted in the past but not been able to succeed at. 

The app essentially enables young females to vote on fashion, set new trends and define beauty independently from the mass media who usually have a vested interest in serving the advertiser’s needs before their audience’s.

How exactly Suess aims to do this is specifically through the use of technology to connect young women from around the world which currently includes the UK, North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with plans for further expansion.

The app acts as a user’s round-the-clock stylist from the flow of continuous inspiration from other users. Users can share their personalised style by sharing their daily outfit looks with friends and the rest of the fashion minded community. As well as this, the app also helps users make the best purchase decisions by asking the Styleicona crowd for instant fashion advice in real time. If sleep deprivation is your cup of tea, the app also moonlights as a quasi-fashion blog which features hours of entertainment and thousands of fashion snaps.

Another common issue the app is trying to address, alongside many of the world’s department stores, is turning the traditional in-store shopping into an experience. Users can hunt down clothing they’ve favourited on the app with the location based shopping feature. This shows the precise store the photo has been taken in or the store the fashion has been purchased from.

In the presser, Katrin Suess explains that “Styleicona is more than just a fashion app; it aims to change our delusional perceptions of beauty and fashion by putting the spotlight on real people.”

The feedback to date has been positive with fashion bloggers thus far who have described the app as “addictive”.