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- September 5, 2014 2 MIN READ

As part of Startup Spring, Startup Daily decided to run a webcast event all around building a strong ecommerce business. This space has the potential to be a huge growth area for Australia and there certainly are many attempting to have a crack at building a business that makes its money online – however many fail, and do so quickly.

Startup Daily is fortunate to have a stellar line up of entrepreneurs who will partake in a one-hour educational panel chat, next Wednesday, September 10th.

Our guests on the live panel discussion will be:

Landon Ray | CEO and Founder | ONTRAPORT

Landon Ray is a serial entrepreneur who transformed himself at the age of 25 from a street-corner flower vendor into one of the U.S.’s top securities day traders in only twelve months. After his success on Wall Street, Ray began a small real estate marketing business.

When looking for automation software, he realised there was nothing out there tailored specifically to entrepreneurs and small business owners. The only available options at the time were overpriced suites of unnecessary services or inefficient and unreliable systems. In response, he created ONTRAPORT. Ray funded the company completely, remaining committed to his vision regardless of the company’s financial success or number of clients. Today ONTRAPORT revenue is over $10 million with over 5,000 customers globally.

Sali Stevanja | COO & Cofounder | Stylerunner & Stylerunnerman

As consumers themselves,  Julie and Sali Stevanja were living in London and Sydney, yet neither of them could find a big enough selection of functional and fashion-forward activewear to meet their sartorial needs. The twin sisters realised the gap in the market was a perfect start up proposition for beautifully curated activewear not just in Australia but internationally. Once they committed to creating the world’s first premier online store for fashionable activewear, they launched it just three months later.

For these energetic and ambitious sisters, the customers are the constant inspiration behind the brand and as such, Stylerunner is not just about selling activewear, it’s about promoting positive spirit, self-empowerment and cultivating a healthy lifestyle from the inside-out. This starts with motivating them to get out there and do something positive for their bodies.

Jane Lu | CEO & Founder | Showpo

Showpo is a online fashion store that’s stocks the latest trends at a very affordable price and super fast delivery. Jane’s the founder and CEO of Showpo who built this growing fashion empire from the ground up – with no funding from her parents’ garage to where it is today.

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