Googled yourself lately? Social Check is the service that does this for a living

- September 8, 2014 2 MIN READ

In the world of business, appearance and reputation can make or break everything; whether it’s a deal that goes ahead with a client or if a candidate gets the job, these outcomes can potentially be affected by the questionable social standings of that business or person.

Social Check is the Australian startup created by David Griffiths, Brad Rosser and Simon Pinson that realised this problem. The online service is now helping individuals and businesses give the right first impression to their employers or clients by auditing their online brand or identity via social media. Once this is complete, it provides customers with personalised recommendations on how to improve it.

The idea originally came about under the assumption that ‘Googling’ a potential candidate’s name was common practice amongst recruitment today. This would leave personal online content that was either un-compelling, incomplete, inconsistent, damaging or offensive out in the open for judgement from potential candidates.

With this problem identified, the two year development of Social Check began and the vision to enable people to rapidly and affordably audit their social media accounts was established.

How does it all work? The service scans an individual’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ accounts which includes the profile data and the last 10,000 posts using Social Check’s proprietary technology and algorithms.

It then assesses the individual’s online profiles’ strengths, weaknesses, and areas of concern which includes any profanity, misspellings, questionable tones, inappropriate content, incomplete and inconsistent information. A unique Social Check Score out of 1,000 is then generated which benchmarks performance against both peers and best practice. This allows the individual to see exactly where they sit in the market.

A customised report provides the recommendations to address identified weaknesses as well as advice on how to help build an individual’s online personal brand.

David Griffiths says that “we’ve had a few different developers involved – 90 percent of them on shore with different skill sets.”

Their goal was to create an automated scalable solution but there were some challenges along the way. Griffiths says that there was no unique identifier with regards to individuals online. As well as this, ensuring scalability, accuracy, quality and privacy was also a significant obstacle over the two years.

“The responsiveness of the site across multiple platforms such as mobile to desktop and ipad is also a key challenge,” says Griffiths.

The startup is entirely self-funded to date but Griffiths says that they’re moving into external funding soon as 80 percent of their traffic is currently coming from offshore. Users can obtain a report for $89.95 and the service is currently partnered with the University of Sydney, Macquarie University and a number of local and international recruitment firms.