Gay party promoters of Israel, let’s not try to make beheadings sexy

- September 26, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

In the digital age of relentless click bait and questionable marketing tactics to retain traffic, businesses are constantly churning out innovative ways to stand out from the masses. Most are either endearing, satirical or simply controversial. And then every now and again, you have a marketing campaign that really pisses off half the world’s population whilst simultaneously taking a dump on two of today’s most prolific religious sects along the way.

This is exactly what the organisers of ‘Drekistan at the Haoman’ did recently with their photoshoot campaign for their popular gay nightclub party in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The images depict two semi-clad men in toga, one male in orange kneeling in front of another  male in black standing behind him in a desert. The images are strikingly reminiscent of the current round of ISIS beheading videos that are shocking the world and inspiring homegrown terrorists in Australia. Another image shows a topless male in briefs brandishing a large black flag in a desert.

One of the event organisers who spoke to Ynetnews about the images after it sparked widespread backlash, said that that they were simply trying to react to current events with their heady campaign. “We have been doing it for a number of years. But we reject violence in any form and that includes the (execution) videos intended to scare the world.”

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The Facebook page has since removed the more disturbing of the two images but kept the one with the male holding the black flag as their main event image.