Video Cha Cha secures investment from Perth’s Atomic Sky. But what are they really investing in?

- August 13, 2014 2 MIN READ

Video Cha Cha is a video production service that focuses on the small business and startup market. Although a company with the same name and same offering can also be found in Hong Kong, the Australian business co-founded and managed by Nanda Duijndam and based in Perth is a separate company in all respects sharing only the name and IP / technology. The sole focus of the company is around short video clips that promote people, their products and their ventures.

“Video is becoming an increasingly important medium through which to promote people, products and businesses,” says Nanda Duijndam, Video Cha Cha’s General Manager.

“However, developing professional looking video is an expensive undertaking. Here at Video Cha Cha we want to help solve this problem by bringing professional production within the reach of small businesses and startup communities.”

Perth-based investment firm Atomic Sky co-founded by Andy Lamb and Simon Macfarlane, are providing commercial and investment support to Video Cha Cha as the startups begins to grow within the Perth market. Atomic Sky is also an investor in the Hong Kong business of the same name.

According to Lamb, the business is booming in Hong Kong with the assistance of Atomic Sky. Lamb believes that we could see a national rollout of the Video Cha Cha service, with the possibility of having studios present in each capital city.

“We saw a natural fit between what Video Cha Cha was seeking to offer, and Atomic Sky’s desire to bring new and innovative startups into the Perth market,” said Lamb, Atomic Sky’s Managing Director.

“At Atomic Sky we are all about helping turn good ideas into great businesses and Video Cha Cha ticked all the boxes in terms of the idea, the founder, the market and its overall approach to commercialisation.”

At first glance you would be forgiven for thinking ‘so what?’ Filming and putting together video is not exactly groundbreaking. So what makes Video Cha Cha a startup?

For the customer, the service works in the same way that any other film production would work for shorter video clips – work with the team to perfect scripting and messaging, book studio time and film. Although Video Cha Cha has systemised the process with a state of the art studio located within the Atomic Sky building, there is nothing unusual about that process other than the speed at which the filming can be completed.

Where the value lies in Video Cha Cha is the post production process. At this point, the backend is not something the public use; it is taken care of by the team. The best way to describe it is it uses a similar technology to that of a Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp – the videos are built off templates in the backend of the system. This is where the scalability happens.

A Video Cha Cha 3-minute clip can be post-produced and sent out to the client in half the time it would take a regular small production studio. The price point is also extremely competitive with a studio quality clip costing a third of what regular commercial quality would be.

Whilst Atomic Sky have not revealed the exact financial amount being invested in the startup, from my conversation with Lamb, I was able to determine the investment is a combination of ongoing capital, physical space and strategic assistance in scaling the venture.