Startup Daily is going to Asia!

- August 25, 2014 2 MIN READ

If you are an avid reader of this publication, you will know my feelings on Asia as a growth market for Australian startups.

Earlier this year I attended the Startup Asia conference in Singapore, which is put on thrice annually by TechinAsia.com – and is held in Singapore, Jakarta and Tokyo.

During my very short trip there I met with many key figures from the Asian startup ecosystem, and it became apparent to me that there was a massive opportunity for another Startup / Tech focused media player to enter the market – that not only reported and analysed what was happening in the space but a site that also uncovers and reports on opportunities that exist between Asia and Australia.

Over the last few months Shoe String Media has built up a network of strategic media partners based in Hong Kong and Singapore, so that we can tap locally into their resources and produce video and audio content in addition to the written journalism – ensuring that Startup Daily Asia will be completely on par with the level of detail that we have with the Australian based publication.

The new publication StartupDaily.asia will launch on Monday September 8th.

Over the coming weeks we will be hiring an Editor for the publication who will be based out of Singapore. The local team here will also write for the publication, as luck would have it all of our core team all have connections in the region, which benefits the launch phase of the publication.

Like with any new publication, as readership and revenue grows we will begin to build the editorial team out across the various countries in the region to ensure that we have feet on the ground and mitigate any barriers we may come across in securing interviews and commentary from people remotely.

Whilst TechinAsia.com is clearly the dominant player when it comes to tech coverage in the region, the way in which we will be approaching stories in the region will be a little different, as will our revenue models.

As it is with all competing media companies, I am sure there will be some crossover. However, given they are the dominant player in the event space, you should probably expect to see us collaborating to promote these activities.

One of the exciting things about running both the Startup Daily brands side by side is that it will also open up possibilities for us to run some pretty unique regional initiatives that will foster more collaboration between the Australian and Asian startup scene. This is perhaps one of the things I am most excited about.

So pencil the date in your diary; we are looking forward to revealing our new baby in a couple of weeks. And if you are already doing something interesting in the Asian region, drop me a line at mbeeche@shoestring.com.au.