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Pedaling around town just got a whole lot cheaper with Nixeycles

- August 29, 2014 2 MIN READ

A university student from Sydney is reintroducing pedal power on a budget to help reinvigorate the joys of sustainable transport in Australia. The founder of Nixeycles, Yexin Liu, who is also a bicycle fanatic believes that his online business has the potential to tap into the budget-conscious riders in Australia’s expanding cycling community.

“There are all these bikes priced upwards of $3,000 for people who spend 2 hours a week in the saddle,” says Liu. “There’s a huge market being ignored in Australia for people who want a quality ride without having to pay a ridiculous price for a new bicycle.”

The bikes retail from $219 to $499 on their website and come in both modern and vintage designs. If colours are your steeze, they also come in a variety of pastels to help satisfy even the most discerning hipster.

As it is Liu’s mission to keep prices down for his target market, he says that parts and manufacturing must be sourced from China – currently the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer.

Liu’s business may be able to see steady growth over the years if timing is right. An increasing number of Australians are continually switching to pedal power in the face of increasing petrol prices and local governments are also pushing for better infrastructure to makes cities more pedestrian and  cycle-friendly – a prime example of this being Sydney’s George street transformation plan.

What Liu aims to avoid with Nixeycles in the long term however is price gouging. Liu believes that the spike in popularity in Australia has come with a hefty price tag and the culture has taken on a one-upmanship mentality of who can get the best, most expensive gear.

To differentiate his own products from this, Liu explains that there are five design elements he’s strictly following: appearance, performance, comfort, safety and practicality. “The end result is a bike that looks great, is fitted with brand-name parts to ensure reliability, and is priced within most people’s budget,” he says.

Nixeycles is still a brand in its infancy but with a growing market and unique bikes that are fitted with Tektro brakes and Shimano gear sets, it could be the competition Australia currently needs to benefit riders.