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Eventbrite partners with 99designs to offer graphic design support to event organisers. Is Canva next?

- August 5, 2014 2 MIN READ

Global self-service ticketing platform and events marketplace, Eventbrite, has today announced its partnership with 99designs, a graphic design marketplace home to over 310,000 designers worldwide. As a result of this partnership, event organisers will be able to connect with a diverse pool of graphic designers and source professional banner designs for their event pages.

So how does it all work? Once an event organiser has created an event page on Eventbrite, they will need to visit swiftly.com/eventbrite, provide a description of the banner design they want, and a designer will be assigned to create the design within one hour for USD$19. The artwork can then be uploaded to their event page automatically. No downloading, making refinements or uploading.

“Eye-catching graphic design can attract people to your event page, but it can be hard to know where to turn for artistic help,” said Head of Platform Partnerships at Eventbrite, Dylan Serota, in a media release.

“Through our integration with 99designs, Eventbrite event organisers can tap into the well of talented Swiftly designers to help them create a striking event page.”

The partnership was formed to simplify the marketing process for event organisers who have enough to worry about. The Eventbrite integration means that event organisers don’t have to search for a designer, provide design specs, download the file created and upload it to the event page.

At first glance, this may seem like a first-world inconvenience – and well, it is – but this process can be frustrating when there’s constant for back-and-forth communication between the designer and the client. Event organisers, in this case, will only need to submit their requests and select the design they like.

“We are thrilled to extend our services and share our talented designer community with Eventbrite event organisers. Enabling organisers to get custom-designed event banners through our Swiftly service is the perfect solution for people seeking to stand out from the crowd and make their event a success,” said Patrick Llewellyn, President and CEO of 99designs.

The partnership between Eventbrite and 99designs comes as no surprise, as there are clear synergies between the companies. But on further reflection, one may wonder whether Eventbrite will partner with Aussie design startup Canva?

Canva recently launched its ‘Button’ feature, a simple new plug-in for third-party websites which allows their users to create their own graphics. For instance, a business like Campaign Monitor would be able to integrate it into their platform so that users can create their own e-newsletter designs.

Canva has already established a series of partnerships with companies including GoDaddy, Tailwind, Agora Pulse, Post Planner, and TabSite. At each company’s’ website, users will be able to create Canva graphics without leaving their page.

As such, Canva would plug nicely into Eventbrite, allowing event organisers to design their own event page banner by dragging and dropping pre-made graphics and customising it to suit their tastes. It wouldn’t be completely effortless, but certainly close.

Nonetheless, partnering with 99designs is an intelligent new direction for Eventbrite. And on the flipside, 99designs has the potential to reach thousands of new event organisers across 187 countries worldwide.

More information is available via the Eventbrite app page or swiftly.com/eventbrite.