Startmate draws a crowd as it launches 2015 intake application process

- July 25, 2014 2 MIN READ

Last night at the G’Day Stripe event held in Sydney, a packed room of startups and budding tech entrepreneurs were able to get a taste of what it was like to launch a venture and have it go from local to global when the execution is carried out in the right way.

The event was a big success and proved that the right speakers and the right content – delivered at the right time of the day could still draw an impressive Sydney crowd.

Lately I have noticed that Sydney events for the startup space have not been pulling the numbers they used to back in 2012 / 2013, especially when compared to Melbourne events that have recently been held drawing in impressive numbers of 200 to 600 depending on the venue.

Possibly this may be because Sydney has formed a little bit of a habit of hosting way too many events of a similar nature – and it makes sense that places such as WeCo, Pollenizer and The Hub have joined forces and are rotating collaborative events as opposed to having their own individual ones now.

The event last night was not only to welcome Stripe to the Australian market, but it was also to launch to application process for the 2015 Startmate intake.

Startmate is Sydney’s most successful incubator program of its nature, with a track record including acquisitions, further investment, profitable scaling companies and some of the world’s most successful crowd funding campaigns.

The list of previous Startmate companies includes FlightfoxBugcrowdHappy InspectorNinja BlocksBugHerdChorusScriptRockLumificHubifyInductlyGrabbleIRL GamingGood CallSetkickYoung RepublicComposureMoojiveFlirteyDrawboardShiftrNoosbox7pm AnywhereFoogi, and HaystackHQ. All alumni have found varying degrees of success both locally and overseas.

It will be interesting to see for the next intake:

a) The types of startups that apply and the problems they are addressing, and

b) Towards which startups the Startmate selection panel lean.

FinTech, HealthTech and unique Hardware startups are certainly on trend right now, both in Australia and overseas – if a couple of these types of businesses make the cut it will be exciting to see what they achieve, particularly on their trip to the United States towards the end of the program where they meet with investors and other incubators.

Interested startups can apply here.