Introducing Startup Rally: It’s time we made our voices heard

- July 18, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

This week we introduced a new feature on our site called STARTUP RALLY.

Part of the thinking behind this was to drive some engagement around issues that are applicable to the Australian startup scene, in a unified way.

We believe that Startup Daily is a perfect forum to facilitate raising these issues applicable to our growing ecosystem.

We can deliver the audience and traffic to the cause and the conversations can continue from there.

Whilst there are some causes that we will champion ourselves based on feedback we get from the community, we also intend to be open to facilitating petitions from you guys, our readers.

If there is a cause you would like to run a ‘RALLY’ for then please email admin@shoestring.com.au with STARTUP RALLY in the subject line. One of the team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Our first ‘RALLY’ is all about pushing for a VISA that is Startup friendly for entrepreneurs.

Our country is gorgeous and the injection of brilliant minds from overseas spending time within the local startup ecosystem, will start to bring about a sense of unity and collaboration catapulting us to the next level.

You can join the ‘RALLY’ and sign the petition here.