INCUBATE announces its fourth intake

- July 29, 2014 3 MIN READ

INCUBATE is an award-winning startup accelerator and entrepreneur program open to students and alumni at the University of Sydney and since combining forces with Google last year, has begun to roll the process out across other universities in Australia. The program encourages entrepreneurship, promotes calculated risk-taking and supports the creation of startup ventures.

Today INCUBATE announced their fourth intake for the Winter 2014 season.

This new intake has a different mix when it comes to founder-backgrounds. As the organisation said on it’s blog this morning the ideas range from the worlds first ‘convertible pram’ and a men’s products subscription service, to an online platform for managing ‘Food Pods’ in your area.

Also another major point of difference to past intakes is that the female to male founder ratio is strong. In fact 50% of the companies have a female cofounder on board. Which is a major win, especially because the program operates within the environment of a university and has the ability to influence female students who have ideas and wish to explore bringing those to fruition down the track.

Another aspect of this current intake that is extremely cool, is 3 out of the 8 companies have already got revenue coming into their ventures.

The successful startups are:

Breathe Well

An interactive medical device to assist lung cancer patients to breathe well, facilitating stable lung tumour motion for accurate radiation delivery during cancer treatment.


The online platform allows individuals to refer jobs to their peers and win significant cash rewards if the referral leads to a placement. Businesses looking to employ also enjoy the benefits of a faster, cheaper and more reliable recruitment process. They have been up and running for a while and have cash flow.

Food Pod 

Food Pod connects local farmers with pods of urban consumers, simplifying access to local produce and ensuring a fair return to the farmer. It will be interesting to see how these guys fare against Food Orbit who have a strong foot hold on this space right now.


PicPac is an android application to easily create stop motion videos without the need of a digital camera and a computer. This is a growing space and something larger media companies are really looking at right now.


Meerkat is a convenient portable device to prevent and treat plagiocephaly and reflux in children. It seems a lot of research has gone into this, will be interesting to see the development on the commercial side over the next 6 months.


A venture that allows you to get the best price wherever you shop online. There are a lot of competitors in this space, it will be interesting to see how they pivot, which I assume they will slightly, mainly because nobody has really nailed this space yet.

Promise or Pay 

Promise or Pay users either have to keep their promise, therefore benefiting themselves, or contribute financially towards solving a pressing social problem. This win-win outcome allows the social startup to capitalise on one of psychology’s most consistent findings – a phenomenon called ‘feel good, do good’ – which proposes that a mood-boosting experience makes people more likely to help others. We have covered this venture in the past, I am keen to see where it goes to after this experience as the idea is great for the Socent market.

Top Drawer 

Bringing simplicity back to guys through convenient and automated delivery of mens essential products.

I am looking forward to the demo days and pitch sessions with these ones, they all have pretty strong commercial value right now before having even gone through the process. INCUBATE have gone next level with these choices placing them as one of the top programs in Australia along with Startmate and AngelCube.