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The Education Game is Changing [Sponsored]

- July 27, 2014 2 MIN READ

The Internet has seen its biggest transformation take place over the past decade. When people need information, they simply hop online and a diverse pool of information is available at their fingertips.

It’s not only data collection sites like Wikipedia or single-topic blogs that encourage individual learning; major corporations and nonprofits are making online education and virtual classrooms a formal affair.

The University of Phoenix was the first institution to conduct online courses – and this was back in 1989 when technology was a luxury. Fast forward to today, and there little to no barrier to entry.

Online learning has matured as an industry and is currently valued at $35 billion. More and more students – as well as people looking to diversify their skill sets – are finding new career opportunities online.

As Startup Daily has previously reported, one of the most ambitious players in the global online education industry is OpenLearning, an Australian based startup launched in 2011.

The idea for a platform such as OpenLearning – which allows businesses, institutions and non-for-profit organisations to create their own courses – came about when Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales, Richard Buckland started recording his lecture videos and uploading them to YouTube. The transformational power education has when delivered on an online social platform hit home.

Buckland decided to team up with UNSW alumni Adam Brimo and David Collien to develop an online learning platform that eliminates chalk boards and paper clutter, and ultimately bring back the joy back into learning.

OpenLearning’s key point-of-difference is that it has a student-centred view of learning while other learning platforms – like Blackboard, Moodle and Coursera – focus more on the management and administration of education.

The Education game is changing rapidly. People love learning about what they are passionate about; and on the flip side, people love teaching what they are passionate about. Platforms such as OpenLearning allow them to do both.

OpenLearning is not only applicable in a school setting, but also serves to be a great tool for startups and organisations. Businesses are able to create training modules for staff and freelancers and deliver it from anywhere around the world.

Given we live in a globalised economy, where businesses are increasingly offshoring computer, consumer, financial, data-processing and business services, the culture of an onsite employee induction has become obsolete and the need for online teaching a necessity.

The future is about connecting, teaching and learning from people from all corners of the globe. It is about upskilling, trying new things and constantly enhancing ourselves through short courses, not necessarily be tied down by lengthy University degrees.

Startup Daily has teamed up with OpenLearning to introduce you to their revamped education platform. Click this link to create a course yourself for you or your business, or browse the platform to learn something completely new!

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