CoPilot fills a gap in the market that is completely unserved

- July 9, 2014 2 MIN READ

Fresh off the back of a 10 million dollar capital raise last month, San Francisco-based marketing automation startup, Autopilot, has just announced the release of another new product they are adding to their suite. CoPilot now joins Autopilot and Prospect Ace to add a much needed system where sales and marketing converge.

Using a lot of the same technology as Autopilot, CoPilot is geared towards salespeople and not marketers, says (Australian) CEO and co-founder Michael Sharkey, who founded the company together with his brothers Peter and Chris.

Sharkey says that the worlds of marketing and sales technologies are starting to converge.

With CoPilot, sales teams can easily automate, track, and report on sales emails and campaigns, helping them identify top ­performing emails and freeing up time to discover and engage prospects. CoPilot accomplishes this without relying on manual tasks that get in the way of sales productivity.

“Historically, sales teams relied on one­ off sends or ‘batch­ and­ blast’ tools to prospect. These solutions require manual reminders that not only slow teams down, but lack reporting visibility. This makes it very difficult to know what’s working, much less predict and scale the results,” said Sharkey.

Very few sales prospecting tools on the market today offer little to no insight into which messages get the best response. For a small business owner, these insights are critical. They are one ­off solutions that aren’t scalable, can’t be automated, and create a multitude of tasks that hurt productivity.

What is great about the CoPilot product is it is where CRM and Sales Pipeline Management meet.

The Sharkey brothers who pivoted to Autopilot from previously named Bislr last year – have really hit the nail on the head with this one. It is obvious they have drawn on their experiences from building Stayz and other web startups that have relied heavily on using online marketing techniques to close sales.

CoPilot leverages Autopilot’s Prospect Ace, used by CloudAnt, SendHub, QuoteRoller, and thousands of other companies to identify and discover verified email addresses and demographic information.

“We knew there had to be a better way to manage sales prospecting, so we created CoPilot­­­a way for sales teams to spend less time on tasks and workflows, and more time on what matters ­ engaging prospects and driving revenue,” added Sharkey.

featured image: Mike, Chris and Peter Sharkey.