Objectify your love with Booodl

- July 11, 2014 2 MIN READ

Booodl is the latest social media app to hit the market boasting some serious star power to reinforce itself as more than just another Pinterest x Instagram x Twitter x Facebook four-way bastard child.

Founded by George Freney, the app is designed to help users share their most prized or latest possessions to the world. Some of these objects of desire already range from Erica Packer’s $36,000 piano to Tom Williams’ Homebake lanyards of yesteryear to Jordan Stenmark’s jawline as well as to, wait for it, Margaret Zhang’s Magnum ice cream. Images are usually accompanied with a short caption explaining the story behind the object.

With a strong skew towards those in the fashion fraternity and celebrity circuit, one can think of Booodl as show and tell for grown ups with a dispensable income. What makes it unique however is its rewards system that makes it enticing for celebrities and would be celebrities to sign up.

The business model works by redistributing 40% of revenue earned by Boodl from the content back to the user; in essence creating a ‘help us help you make money’ cycle – very much like Youtube.

Another ace up the sleeve feature is Boodl’s ‘Want’ function. The app allows you to browse other people’s profiles and if you see something they have that you want, you can ‘Want’ it – hence creating a pseudo market stall that eliminates the middleman and dodgy kebab stand.  

“Boodl lets you manage the things that you want and connect with people that can help you get them; whether it’s a commercial partner or a friend that will sell it second hand,” says Freney.

“Unlike eBay, Booodl isn’t involved in the transaction, it just facilitates it.”

“I put up an item and say that I like it and want it. Someone else can reach out and say, ‘I have that, if you want to you can get it from me’.”

This feature is vital in bringing in not just human users, but also established labels and brands trying to reach their target demographic. If there are any doubts on the effectiveness of the service, Booodl brand ambassadors such as Kookai, Stylerunner and Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival have yet to find find it.