Sydney startup Booking Boss set to change the face of global tourism software management

- June 20, 2014 3 MIN READ

“This is where you belong.”

Those are the first words you see, when visiting www.bookingboss.com. These opening words represents a true air of confidence and makes visitors eager to find out more. Sometimes, when interviewing and reporting on startup companies, there is a sense of lofty idealism that lacks true industry understanding.

This is not the case with the founders of Booking Boss.

The Sydney-based startup launched in April 2012, and has been co-founded by Renee Welsh (CEO) and Andy Welsh (CTO). These two entrepreneurs bring a combined 25 years of travel industry experience together with a passion for their work. They have gathered together a team of nine individuals that include software engineers, customer service representatives, business developers and accounting managers.

Renee has held senior management roles in tourism with a wide range of companies like GoDo, RedBalloon, lastminute.com and Wotif Group in Australia. She is a specialist in travel activities and helped build many of Australia’s most iconic brands.

Andy has a background in software engineering. He has worked on house validation software and built enterprise level applications for the Australian Government.

Together they bring an organised and well-rounded perspective to Booking Boss, as a startup company. They realised that was a need in the tourism market for a revolution in tour, activity and attraction managements systems or TAA.

Renee explains this in simplest terms for the lament: “The travel activities industry is extremely fragmented, and very labour intensive. In any given day we can be speaking to a sole trader who runs awesome walking tours through to large-scale mainstream attractions. Getting the bookings is only part of the time spent day to day for a TAA operator. Organising the financials, capturing information about customers and fulfilling bookings are the things that really take up their day.”

To make things better for the current TAA operations and management systems, she says, “We offer a end to end software solution, our integrated channel manager also gives our customers access to a broad range of distribution channels.”

This is the primary focus of Booking Boss, a very straight forward business model. The official website of Booking Boss addresses potential customers upfront, by asking them a simple, but relevant question.

“Why choose Booking Boss?”

The answer is very direct, speaking boldly to the reader.

“Booking Boss makes it easy to manage your business via one complete software solution. What if you could build business management software from scratch, designed for how you run your business now? We interviewed tour, activity and attraction operators before building Booking Boss to learn exactly what they need to be successful. Then we created a complete, web-based business management software solution that is built for how you want to run your business.”

Renee elaborates on the Booking Boss strategy of business saying,”Our system lets businesses bring all the various operations required to book tours, activities and attractions into one place. It consolidates several systems: POS, ticketing, online checkout, reporting etc. so businesses can manage their operations more efficiently. It will also reduce administration costs especially in terms of time whilst giving you the opportunity to increase bookings and generate additional revenue.”

This philosophy continues to be the model that Booking Boss uses today. The company was completely self funded until June 2013, when they took on their first seed funding via angel investors.

Renee says their revenue model is “straightforward” as they believe in simple pricing models that have no surprises or complicated lists of features that cost extra.

“We’ve added new features every month since our product was released and pricing has remained the same at $1 per booking ñ so each month you just get more value. We have a minimum $50 per month, which includes unlimited staff accounts,” she adds.

Booking Boss has a mission. The startup is dedicated to transforming the travel industry sector by making planning tours, activities and attractions as easy and as accessible as possible – whether it’s for the global traveler or local excursionists. Booking Boss sees itself being a new industry benchmark and leader for TAA management systems.

Although the company has strong potential in an industry that is ever growing, their goals are intelligent, reasonable and still cutting edge. Renee puts it in plain words, what the current goals of Booking Boss are at this point.

“[Our biggest challenge is] keeping ourselves razor focused and choosing the right opportunities to pursue. Its extremely easy to get caught up in the wave of possibility, being able to identify what you should be spending your time on is the difference between moving your business in the right direction and wasting a lot of time and money. Time for reflecting and planning is critical.”

As a closing statement, Renee makes it clear that she dreams big.

Her final words being, “This is just the beginning.”

More information on Booking Boss is available via www.bookingboss.com.