Startup Nitro partners with Microsoft to bump up digital document security

- June 5, 2014 3 MIN READ

The internet has recently been abuzz with stories about security – or lack thereof. Examples include the panic around the presence of the Heartbleed bug, eBay’s user database being compromised in what has been deemed ‘the biggest data breach in history’, and the recent Edward Snowden case showing exactly how easily internal documents can be leaked. With security top of mind for Australian organisations, 10-year-old Australian startup Nitro has partnered with Microsoft to tighten information security.

Orin Thomas, contributing editor for Windows IT Pro and Windows Security MVP, who authored and coauthored more than 30 books for Microsoft Press, says that in the past, keeping corporate information secure was simply a matter of ensuring the filing cabinet was locked. Whereas today, “critical company information is stored in digital files that can be copied off the file server and emailed to anyone in the world.”

“Without a comprehensive information security strategy, valuable and sensitive information that should stay inside the organisation can easily be transmitted outside it, and a valuable business secret that was once only known to the people in your organisation might instead be known by everyone in the world,” he adds.

“What was most interesting about the Manning and Snowden revelations wasn’t what the data they obtained revealed about the organisations they worked for, but that they were able to obtain such sensitive data because the safeguards protecting that data were so weak.

“Keeping sensitive data protected has always been challenging, but the Manning and Snowden stories brought a more general awareness that organisations have to rethink how they protect sensitive data, not just from hackers outside the organisation, but from IT Professionals inside the organisation.”

In alleviate the anxiety felt by corporates across Australia, Nitro, provider of document productivity and collaboration solutions, has announced a new integration with Microsoft RMS (Rights Management Service), which will provide enhanced security for document workflows. Nitro Pro with RMS will enable users to protect and securely exchange digital documents – including PDF and Microsoft Office formats – with anyone in their collaboration circle, on all devices.

“From the desktop to the cloud, documents and how we share them can have a significant impact on an organisation’s success. The increasing flow of shared information has exposed vulnerabilities in traditional document security, making it difficult to control who can access sensitive files. Whether someone accidentally forwards an email or a user has malicious intent, the end result is that sensitive information can wind up in unintended hands,” says Mimi Hoang, VP of Product at Nitro.

Leveraging encryption technology, Nitro Pro with RMS ensures that only those with permission can access sensitive documents, whether they’re inside the organisation or outside the firewall. Other additional security features include password and permissions settings, certificate security based on public/private key security, and basic encryption for sharing and tracking PDF documents. 

Dan Plastina, Group Program Manager for Microsoft Rights Management, says Microsoft is “thrilled” about the partnership and integration: “By putting the power to protect sensitive information in the hands of the end-user, PDF files and documents can be secured whether shared internally or with outside collaborators by requiring identity verification before file access is granted.”

Key features of Nitro Pro with RMS include the following:

  • PDF File Encryption – The Microsoft RMS integration encrypts PDF files so that only those who have permission are granted access. Each user identity is verified to ensure documents can only be accessed and modified by authorised personnel within the internal network or beyond the corporate firewall.
  • SharePoint Compatibility – Nitro Pro with RMS can consume protected PDF documents generated by SharePoint Secure Libraries.
  • RMS Ecosystem Support – Nitro Pro with RMS allows users to open and use files that other people have protected using RMS-supported applications.

To learn more about Nitro Pro’s integration with RMS, you can join them on their webinar on June 17th, Next Level Document Security: Protect Your Files from Prying Eyes with User-Based Access, featuring Orin Thomas, contributing editor at Windows IT Pro and Windows Security MVP, Microsoft’s Gagan Gulati, Lead Program Manager, and Nitro Product Manager Wilson Phan.  

More information on the Nitro-Microsoft RMS integration is available via www.nitropdf.com/rights-management-services.