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It started with hello: A MOO tale

- June 10, 2014 3 MIN READ

It’s a strange but awesome feeling, that fizzy, fuzzy, about-to-explode sensation you get when you realise you could be onto something great. Something that from this little acorn of an idea, could grow into a mighty oak of a business.

Now a great idea is all well and good, but a business, mighty oak or otherwise, needs customers. So how are you going to get some? And once you have them, what are you going to do to keep them? That’s where we come in. We’re MOO, we make business stationery, and we’re passionate about helping our customers to say what they need to say in their own unique way.

Getting yourself noticed

Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture what it is that really excites you about your brand and share it with others? After all, your business is your baby, you love it, and you want everyone else to love it too. Luckily, with a great design, your Business Card can do just that.

We’ve seen all sorts of Business Cards come through our printers, but the real attention-grabbers are the ones that make us feel we really know what that business is all about. Whether it’s a pack used as a photographic portfolio, a brand story told across 100 cards (our Printfinity technology gives you the option to print a different image onto every card or sheet in a pack), or even a set with patterned templates on the reverse for recipients to colour in at their leisure, the very best have one thing in common. They’re not just conversation starters – they keep the conversation going well after the ‘hello’ moment has passed. And all the recipient needs to do is reach into their pocket for a reminder of the time they met that company who were doing something awesome.

Staying memorable

Once you’ve got someone’s attention, the chances are you’re going to want to do something to keep their interest. The good news is, there are plenty of other ways of keeping your brand fresh in people’s minds, like a handwritten Notecard to say how much you enjoyed meeting them, or a beautifully designed Greeting Card inviting them to that super fun event you’ve organised. When we launched our MiniCards (half the size of a Business Card) we could never have imagined the number of innovative uses for them (that’s why we love working with creative people!). They’ve been clothes tags, packaging labels, raffle tickets and even scratchcards. The businesses doing these things have turned convention on its head in the name of getting their voices heard.

Whatever their industry or visual identity, the businesses whose communications have the greatest impact are those who keep their branding consistent – and their passion flowing – across all points of contact. These are the brands whose clients eyes light up at every communication, and that there is excitement captured and shared.

A great opportunity

We get a real buzz from helping growing businesses take on the world. With hundreds of original designs available to customise, we’d like to think there’s something for everyone. But for those who’d rather use their own artwork, there’s always the option to upload your own designs to create Business Cards, MiniCards, Letterhead and plenty more. We recognised early on that the costs of printing thousands of items of stationery can be a little scary for young businesses, so we offer short print runs as well as ‘Printfinity’ and as you can probably tell, we love seeing businesses use it to bring their brands to life and set themselves apart.

You may have seen us around and about, but we’re now focusing on making things easier for you, with improved shipping to the Southern Hemisphere and, coming soon, a site that uses Australian Dollars. Our Marketing Manager, Frans Diels, has the lowdown on these exciting developments, “There are some great things coming out of the Australian startup scene at the moment, and we’ve done some particularly cool stuff with designers, photographers and crafters. We love meeting new people at industry events, and are always happy to provide an intro pack of Business Cards when we say hello – especially if it means helping growing businesses on their way.”

“A beautifully designed Business Card or MiniCard can make a real difference, especially to a company that’s on its way up. And now that making and ordering products with MOO is even easier in Australia, we’re looking forward to helping more businesses get their brand out there in new and exciting ways.”

As we said, we love events, so if you’re a startup or creative business looking for a partner or sponsor, drop us a line at australia@moo.com.

You might also like to visit moo.com for more information about our products, creative ideas for promoting your business, and our handy Startup Toolkit.