Industry hotshots offer startups $100,000 marketing makeover on reality show

- June 12, 2014 2 MIN READ

Founder of E-Web MarketingGary Ng, The Apprentice Australia winner and real estate entrepreneur Andrew Morello, and best-selling author of Feed a Starving Crowd Robert Coorey, and have joined forces to share business strategies in a new reality show. The trio is giving away $100,000 worth of marketing to help an Aussie business in need of assistance in the area.

Most business founders say their biggest challenge is marketing. They’ve developed their product, amended it again and again until it was perfect in their eyes, and now they’re ready for the cashflow. But things come to a halt.

The phone isn’t ringing. The orders aren’t coming through. No one is inquiring about the product. They’re sitting in front of the computer, trying to figure out whether they’ve missed something. Was there something written between the lines in those eBooks?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed last year that an average of 44 small businesses are closing their doors everyday due to poor execution.

“Most small business owners know they should be using online marketing and social media to promote their business, but have no idea of the strategies that work,” says Coorey.

As such, Ng, Morello, and Coorey, have decided to intervene in an attempt to bring one business back from the brink and help them execute a kickarse marketing strategy. 

“Robert is the super power of marketing, Andrew is the king of motivational and general business acumen, and my angle is to help with the mindset,” says Ng, who founded his multimillion dollar business E-Web Marketing in his bedroom and has become renowned for bringing happiness to the workplace.

The competition is not just for Fortune 500 companies, but for tradies, startup entrepreneurs, creatives, retailers or any Australian looking to expand his or her business in this unstable economy.

The trio, who all started with nothing but big ideas and determination, have become marketing masterminds; and they’re looking to disseminate their knowledge globally and prove that being challenged and frustrated by a lack in consumer confidence, a falling Aussie dollar and labour costs are business pitfalls that can be avoided with the right tools and tenacity.

“We’re looking for a company with a challenging history, that’s been giving it a go but doesn’t really know where to go from here. We want to help those people crank it up,” says Ng.

The winning company will be part of a Hollywood-style reality TV series. In the show, the Feed A Starving Crowd trio will be introducing a ‘sell fast, learn fast’ attitude.

“An entrepreneur’s greatest power is not their amount of resources, but how resourceful they are,” says Ng.

“Too many times I see struggling businesses focus too much on the problem and not the solution. In essence it overwhelms them, they say, ‘Wow the business is not working. We don’t have enough money to finance, for marketing or advertising…’ We step in and see what they’re doing wrong, track the return, find out what works and what doesn’t. It’s just really breaking it down to specifics.

“Business is one of the most competitive sports around and only the fittest will survive.”

Businesses interested in getting a marketing boost can enter by clicking here.