Delivery Hero ready to feed the world

- June 27, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

Ever wanted food from your favourite eatery delivered straight to your door? Food delivery service Delivery Hero answered that call in 2011 with their rapid, no fuss online service that took the guess work out of food.

It allowed its users to enter a postcode, view a list of the surrounding restaurants, view their menus and order, all without having to leave the confines of one’s own burnt offerings.

Today Delivery Hero has stepped up to the plate and acquired PedidosYa, the market leader for online food ordering in Latin America. This means that company now maintains a strong position as a global market leader whilst it continues to expand its operations to a staggeringly large consumer base.

These are operations that are currently represented in 20 countries across four continents, including Australia, connecting hungry customers to more than 75,000 restaurants.

CJ Foo, CEO of Delivery Hero Australia said: “We welcome this partnership between PedidosYa and Delivery Hero as a way to strengthen our position both locally and internationally.”

“Extending our global network also allows us to benefit from the valuable knowledge and experience gained from operating in many different countries. It allows to cross-pollinate ideas, innovate and further enhance our service offering to our Australian customers.”

With this backing from an international network, the company has gathered more than AUS $270 million to date