The 2014 Australian Startup Awards: We’re Sponsoring!

- June 23, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

At the end of last year when we sat down and looked at what worked across our publication and what didn’t work so well, one of the initiatives that I was on the fence about was our Startup of the Year Awards.

Whilst we had over 100 people enter the awards, what concerned me was that in Australia, and more so, in the startup space there are a number of publications and organisations that ALSO run an award ceremony targeted at the startup market.

  • Startup Smart
  • Anthill
  • EY
  • Telstra
  • Marie Claire
  • The Entourage

These are just a few examples. One of the things I have been adamant about since beginning this publication is that we wanted to create a bit of diversity within the startup and innovation media, including any events that surround and support our publication.

I feel strongly that the above organisations have the awards aspect locked down, and that Startup Daily also trying to compete in this space would just be too much clutter and noise. So instead we have decided to join forces with The Entourage and their Australian Startup Awards and throw our brand and promotion around this initiative.

This includes specifically sponsoring the Startup of the Year award. Startup Daily as regular readers would know are big believers in the Asian market and the potential Australian startups have to flourish over there, so as part of this sponsorship we will be providing the winner with return airfares to Singapore and will also be setting them up meetings with various startups, investors and media over there to get an insight into the Asian startup market.

The Awards take place in August and Entries are open right now here.