TheBestDay launches smartphone play and revamps its web design

- May 23, 2014 2 MIN READ

TheBestDay, the startup that was part of the original INCUBATE program out of Sydney Uni, who also happened to close a $1 million funding round, have just launched new versions of all their assets both online and via a new smartphone play.

Founder Whitney Komor developed the idea for TheBestDay after becoming frustrated by the process of organising activities with her friends. She self-funded the development of a prototype web-based tool, Beta-tested the website with a limited group of users and businesses, and gathered sufficient information to determine that there was a significant market need for TheBestDay solution.

The startup launched in 2013 and seems to have gone through a number of iterations whilst the team strive to get the right product-market fit and user experience. The new web browser design is clean and minimalistic and users now get to see the problem the young company is trying to solve in action via an animated exchange on the home page. I personally think this approach is much clearer and more succinct when it comes to relaying their key message than the previous website which I have to say took a little more effort to fully grasp if you hadn’t heard about what the team were trying to accomplish prior to visiting it.

TheBestDay now have a simple and sexy design.

TheBestDay now have a simple and sexy design.

I am still unclear as to what the eventual monetisation strategy will end up being for TheBestDay, however I am looking forward to seeing the development of the new TheBestDay widget this year that will be able to sit on websites such as Broadsheet for example and allow users to start organising catch-ups direct from posts about events, new cafes opening and a host of other cool activities.

I believe this is where the company will gain a lot of traction globally – especially if they are able to strategically partner with existing social media plugins for websites such as Digg Digg, ShareThis, AddThis and Social Media Feather, among others.

A leverage play with the plugin players is going to reach critical mass faster than talking to individual publishers in my opinion.