Startup Autopilot announces $10M capital raise and release of SDK

- May 21, 2014 2 MIN READ

San Francisco-based marketing automation startup, Autopilot, has just secured $10 million in their Series B capital-raising round, led by Rembrandt Venture Partners with participation from Southern Cross Venture Partners, Blackbird and personal investments from Tim Draper, as well as Terry and Katrina Garnett. This round of funding will be invested in accelerating growth and product development; and as part of the round, Scott Irwin, Partner at Rembrandt Venture Partners will join Autopilot’s board of directors.

Like many other startup ideas, Autopilot spawned from frustration. The ‘Sharkey Brothers’ – Michael, Peter and Chris – weren’t thrilled about the complexity and difficulty associated with setting up marketing technology when they were running their previous startups. In late 2011, the Australian-born entrepreneurial trio decided to launch Autopilot, a startup that solves their own problem – centralising applications that marketers use on a daily basis onto one platform.

By removing the need for complex implementations and high costs associated with multiple software programs as well as IT consultants, the company facilitates time- and cost- efficiency. This means marketers can focus more on strategy and execution, less on technology.

“Innovation died out in the first wave of marketing automation software. It was heavily tethered to CRM and it’s main focus was around email marketing. It’s hard to use, takes months to implement and has an unjustified high cost of ownership. Today there is this exciting explosion of marketing technology that can help marketers outmanoeuvre their competitors, but the real problem is access to this technology,” said Michael, CEO and co-founder of Autopilot, in a media release.

“We’re giving marketers an ecosystem to access this technology on an open platform with a consistent experience and interface that every marketer can easily use. Today we’ve built the first of these powerful apps and have a laser focus on making the technology more accessible to the wider market.”

Autopilot has also announced that it will be opening its marketing technology SDK to developers later this year, allowing them access to a number of APIs including Autopilot’s lead intelligence and automation applications.

Developers will be able to easily deploy new and existing marketing technology to the Autopilot Marketplace, as well as customise and configure core applications to adapt to the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Currently, Autopilot’s platform (including users of their targeted prospect building app Prospect Ace) has over 3,000 users and includes customers such as Microsoft, Nokia, Bosch, Voxer, Sol Republic, Cambium Networks, SendHub and Model N.

More on Autopilot is available via www.autopilothq.com. For developers who want to register their interest in Autopilot’s Marketing SDK, can do so via the following the link: www.autopilothq.com/developers.