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IRL Shooter beats its own record as most crowdfunded campaign on Pozible

- May 27, 2014 2 MIN READ

Game development company specialising in real-life shooter experiences, IRL Shooter, has just broken its own record as the most pledged campaign in the history of Pozible – receiving more than AUD$250,000 for its latest game ‘Lazarus’.

Lazarus is expected to contain more horror, fear, action and gore than IRL Shooter’s first real-life shooter experience, ‘Patient 0’ – which was backed by 6,200 people in 2012. Players will run, crawl, climb and hide in a game that has no pause button, to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. IRL Shooter’s technology has improved since Patient 0, with its IR weapons system said to be the most realistic and customisable in Australia.

To add to the realism of the gaming experience, players are able to add a pain-belt to their game load-out. Worn over clothing, this belt will give players a small electric shock when their health is affected either by a zombie attack or from being shot – heightening the intensity of the game.

The campaign has seven days remaining and is $50,000 dollars away from its $308,000 target. Should the company reach its fundraising goal, ‘Lazarus’ will be open for a limited eight-week season in Melbourne from Friday 3rd of October.

“It’s been a rollercoaster of emotion. We’ve experienced the highs and lows of crowdfunding, and there is no denying this last week is going to be incredibly nerve wracking, but without Pozible, we wouldn’t even have this chance,” said Zoe Tame, IRL Shooter’s Graphic Designer and Tech Manager, in a media release.

The team has been through every emotion in crowdfunding, from running Pozible’s largest ever campaign Patient 0; to missing their target in Sydney for their second campaign. They are now overtaking their first campaign target to raise the highest amount through pledges on Pozible.

As of this morning, Lazarus has had 1,128 people backing the campaign, indicating that there is a huge fan-base behind real life shooter experiences, which blur the lines between film, gaming and haunted house experiences.

“Even IRL Shooter’s ‘failed’ campaign in Sydney was hugely successful and proved that there’s also a massive interstate fan-base for the live real life horror experience, attracting more than $130,000 AUD in pledges,” said Alan Crabbe, Pozible Co-Founder and Director.

The nervous wait to see the IRL Shooter experience return to Melbourne, could be seen an ironic twist of fate for the people who make a career out of subjecting their players to a full real-life horror experience.

“It’s amazing to see the response we’ve had for Lazarus so far. Beating the Patient 0 total is really quite an achievement – but for the game to happen we need to hit our campaign target! We are calling on everyone. There is only 8 days left to ensure Lazarus will rise and that IRL Shooter can continue blowing minds and making games in real life,” said Drew Hobbs, IRL Shooter’s Director/Writer.

To check out or back the campaign, visit Pozible.