Ecommerce giant Kogan presents the ‘Entrepreneur Startup Kit’

- May 8, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

One of Australia’s most successful ecommerce stores Kogan is now offering the ‘Entrepreneur Startup Kit’ to help budding entrepreneurs with the practicalities of starting a business. The kit includes a black turtleneck, NDA template, 13-inch laptop privacy filter, wireless presentation controller and portable money counter.

Frankly, the kit looks a little empty, but all profits will be donated to Wikimedia Foundation, a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free, multilingual, educational content. 

The Entrepreneur Startup Kit costs $149 and will be delivered to your door within four to six weeks.

But you’re probably better off getting your turtleneck for $5 at Best & Less, an NDA template for $29 at LawPath.com.au, counting your monies for free at the bank or on your bed, sitting in the hidden corners of a cafe so no-one sees (if they care at all) what you’re doing on your laptop, and getting a wireless presentation controller for as little as $30 online.

This cuts down the price to half, if you feel all those constituent items are necessary. Then again, why not support a good cause and just buy the ready-made kit on Kogan?

It’s unfortunate that items like Eric Ries’ bestseller The Lean Startup, mind-mapping tools, vouchers for iTunes or Google Play apps, and coffee are missing from the kit, among other things that a startup founder may find handy when moonlighting.

If of interest, the kit is available via www.kogan.com.