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Charity crowdfunding goes mobile: The GO Tribe launches app

- May 26, 2014 2 MIN READ

The GO Tribe – a charity with a twist – is set to change the way Australians learn and give through its newly launched crowd-funded mobile app. The organisation was launched in January, providing people the opportunity to learn about 12 different issues and support the efforts of 12 organisations across the year.

Each month, The GO Tribe app will provide insights into one issue and raise funds for a relevant charity. The app, which was developed by Australian ‘apps for charities’ agency GiveEasy, sends notifications to users, urging them to learn more about the latest featured issue and donate as little as $5 to support the organisation combating the problem.

Unlike most charity contracts where donors are required to give a certain amount of money every month even if their financial circumstances change, The GO Tribe stores payment details but does not set up automatic monthly deductions.

“It’s completely user-driven – you can change the amount you want to give depending on your situation each month, or you have the option of not giving at all. Whether you have $5 to give or $50, you can be part of bringing some pretty amazing change for people and it’s as easy as pushing a button on your phone,” says Melinda Harvey, Co-Founder of The GO Tribe.

“The app also tracks our monthly progress, reports on our impact each month and lets you see where in the world other Tribe members are on our Go Tribe map.”

Jeremy Tobias, CEO of GiveEasy, says, “The GO Tribe share our vision of changing the game through making it simple and easy for donations to occur in a social and secure way. It has been great working with like-minded people on the development of the App. We look forward to seeing The GO Tribe make a great impact for some wonderful causes through the platform.”

Since its launch in January, The GO Tribe has experienced phenomenal success supporting organisations including Opportunity International Australia and Swags for Homeless.

“By strategically profiling one issue each month and inviting people to give just a little together to one organisation, we’ve supported some amazing work – training health leaders in India, bought backpack beds for homeless Australians turned away from crisis shelter, supported family care and education for vulnerable Cambodian children,” says Harvey.

“As the Tribe has grown, we’ve listened to members’ suggestions on how to improve what we do – and one of these was to develop an app to really simplify the whole process of learning about the issue and giving.”

This year, The Go Tribe’s goal is to continue in its quest to change the world by allowing everyday people the option to give as little or as much as they please, without committing to a single cause or being locked in by contracts.

“Almost everyone we speaks to wants to make a difference, but so many people are almost overwhelmed with the number of issues and great charities to support, so we make it easy to get involved in 12 different projects across the course of the year,” says Harvey.

“We’re also talking to schools groups interested in using the platform as a tool for social justice groups to learn and take action for different charities which is really exciting!”

For more information, or to support The Go Tribe in their mission, you can check them out on Facebook or Twitter, or visit their site via thegotribe.com.