Will RANGEme cause the buyer’s middlemen to go redundant?

- April 24, 2014 2 MIN READ

Nicky Jackson had a very successful career as a Marketing Executive with Kellogg’s, Uncle Toby’s and Goodman Fielder.  In early 2013 she started developing a range of baby skincare products. Along the way of this journey, she faced an issue. How was she going to achieve distribution quickly in a number of retail channels across Australia?

It’s then that she had the entrepreneur’s light bulb moment. Imagine if there was a place to upload your products online and quickly receive interest from category buyers nationally? Then you would only have to focus your efforts on the buyers that were interested. That’s how RANGEme was born.

Anybody who has ever tried to get a new product onto shelf in a retail store, will tell you it is a gruelling process. The FMCG market is highly competitive and supermarkets and retail chains are pitched to everyday by the next big thing. Essentially, a lot of meetings end up going nowhere for both the buyers and suppliers.

RANGEme makes it more efficient to pitch consumer products to retail buyers across multiple retail channels such as grocery, pharmacies and convenience stores. The system, uses a cloud based portal, and integrates key supplier information that buyers need into one form which is then is submitted in an instant to buyers across Australia. It negates the need for pitching the same information over and over again to buyers or the hassle of having to travel across Australia to find out that a buyer is not interested in a product.

“RANGEme is for savvy suppliers and buyers. Some have already likened it to online dating for products. Supplier’s load up products and buyers let them know if they’re interested. It’s that simple” says Jackson.

The new system is gaining some early attention from prominent local retailers already, Jamal Gebara, Founder of City Convenience Stores that operate 180 stores in Sydney and Melbourne says he is open to viewing new and exciting products from local and international suppliers, and that RANGEme would be an option to systemise and facilitate this process.