Umm … So Twitter just kind of became Facebook? Is that what’s happening?

- April 9, 2014 2 MIN READ

Over the last few months many tech news outlets reported that Twitter was working on some new “possible” layouts. Some were even being tested on some accounts – for instance, our @shoestring_au account was one of the first lot to go through the “change” and in turn caused our Editor, Tasnuva, to have what I can only describe as part meltdown, part homicidal rant.

I am guessing the reason behind that rant was because Twitter now looks, in my opinion, way too busy. Plus now we have an issue where we need to get a better background image created, as the masterpiece we created for the old background with those dimensions on Canva now looks like a pixelated hot mess.

White single female much twitter?

Single white female much twitter?

I guess now we can officially say goodbye to old Twitter as we know it forever, with the new design being rolled out globally over the next few weeks to everyone. The official statement was made by David Bellona a designer at twitter on their official blog.

There are some great things about the new design, however, with some pretty cool features that, for the businesses out there, allow you to cut through the noise.

  1. Tweets that get more engagement appear larger, thus meaning they will probably get even more engagement making that witty 140 more popular
  2. Tweets can now be pinned to the top of your profile, so when we do that it means “you really really really need to read this post”
  3. You can now filter tweets when looking at timelines, choosing the information you want to see

I am going to be presumptuous and suggest that this is phase one of a plan that is aimed at increasing ad revenues across the twitter platform. There is definitely more space on the screen to play with now and the responsive design allows for some really creative ways to integrate branding into timelines.