Startups and smooth scaling

- April 8, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

When you ask yourself what the most common causes of a struggling startup might be, there are some obvious answers, and some that the savvier and more experienced entrepreneurs might have to add. One such cause of hardship – that is often overlooked – is the issue of scaling.

Rate of scaling is a key business factor that can greatly influence your market presence, growth, and resource management. Scaling too slowly or too quickly can cripple your growth, and make it harder for a young company to stay afloat. So why don’t more businesses have a scaling plan in place from the beginning?

The answer lies in that it’s both something that’s hard to do, and one of the least “sexy” aspects of creating a startup. Most entrepreneurs want to focus on two key points of a startup’s life: starting it and running it. This “Point A to Point B” kind of vision is fine as a mission statement and a form of motivation, but in order to stay in business, a company has to make many small adjustments, and change courses often to mirror the ebbes and flows of the market.

If you want more information about scaling, whether you’ve got a new business in mind or want to help your existing business avoid any serious pitfalls, check out the infographic below, provided by SmartVirtualPhoneNumber.com.