Startup StoreDot charges your smartphone in 30 seconds

- April 9, 2014 2 MIN READ

Straight out of tech startup hub Israel, comes a new innovation that will solve one of the biggest inconveniences faced by First World citizens – dead phone battery. At Microsoft’s Think Next Conference in Tel Aviv, StoreDot revealed a prototype super charger that can fully charge a smartphone’s battery in 30 seconds or less. Wowza!

Whether you’re arguing with someone or conducting a business teleconference, when your phone battery dies in the middle of an important conversation, it’s a massive inconvenience. And how annoying is it travelling on public transport without at least a semi-charged smartphone? No Twitter, no Facebook, no Pandora until a phone charger and power point are within reach.

Last year, we got quite excited about Brisbane startup MobileCentral24/7 offering an Australian-first mobile phone accessory vending machine for when you’ve forgotten your charger, earphones or other smartphone accessories at home. We were also thrilled about Perth startup Hustle offering stylish handbags and wallets with in-built smartphone chargers. The point is, a dead phone battery is a problem many startups have attempted to solve.

StoreDot has taken it to the next level – and apparently it wasn’t even intentional. According to the demonstration video (above), the technology emerged from research being conducted in search for a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease at Tel Aviv University.

StoreDot’s CEO Doron Meyersdorf says “during that research, specific amino acids were isolated; and we were able to use those amino acids and peptides and create nano crystals…These nano crystals have properties that enable us to use them in various devices such as a battery.”

According to CNet, “StoreDot has been producing semiconductors built from peptides, which are organic amino acids, when linked together, create proteins. Peptides have become popular among body-builders because of their protein creation and have been found to have a wide range of applications for skin care. StoreDot believes peptides can also come in handy for charging smartphone batteries.”

Though at the moment, the technology is quite bulky – the size of a laptop charger – it was able to charge a close-to-empty Samsung Galaxy S4 (29 percent of battery life remaining) in just over 20 seconds – compared to one hour, which is the standard across smartphone handsets.

This prototype charger is compatible exclusively with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 for the time being, though StoreDot plans on making the technology work across various smartphone brands and models. It will also be more slimline.

From the video, we assume the charger is not wireless; nonetheless, you can still charge your phone in under a minute if you’re in a rush.

Bad news is the super charger will remain a prototype for a little while, and commercial production won’t begin until 2016.