Startup delivering booze to your door in 30 minutes

- April 2, 2014 2 MIN READ

If you’re in the Sydney CBD district and want your booze right away, Quick Bottle is at your service. The new startup was built with the sole purpose of saving customers the time and effort it takes to drive to the bottle shop, and having to deal with traffic and parking – in other words, First World inconveniences.

Whether you’re about to host a dinner party or have a romantic night in with your partner, the new eCommerce startup will have bottles delivered to your door within 30 to 45 minutes from the moment you make your order.

Located in Leichhardt Sydney, the company is still in its infancy. Founded in January 2014, Quick Bottle was curated by two guys who had been selling boutique wines to popular wine bars in Sydney. Given how impatient we are as a species, the founders spotted an opportunity and decided to start their own fast alcohol delivery business.

“We joined forces to bring the funkiest and sexiest wines to your door step in 30 minutes. We may be broke as hell, but that’s why our prices are so damn good. Our site, Quickbottlle.com.au is just the next step in being the premiere alcohol delivery service for individuals in the Sydney area,” said Co-Founder and Director, Sherif Goubran in a media release.

Consumers need to spend a minimum of $25 to access this quick delivery service; and will have their items delivered with free roasted nuts. Orders over $100 will receive a complimentary bottle of wine with their order. 

Products range from a variety of boutique wines, craft beers, cider, spirits, and even soft drinks.

The company is also working on bringing customers gourmet burgers to their front door. They’ve teamed up with some Sydney-based burger chefs and hope to provide this service within the next six months.

Why not leverage human laziness?

More information is available via www.quickbottle.com.au.