Live Chat Monitoring: Voices of real people answering questions from real people

- April 8, 2014 3 MIN READ

It’s no secret that ‘People like buying from people’.

The above statement comes from the main website for Live Chat Monitoring, a startup based out of Melbourne, Australia. LiveChatMonitoring.com was launched early-2013 by Founder and CEO Gavin Sloan. After many years of using and recommending live chat software to his business clients, he decided to stake claim in online territory with something businesses really need.

Live chat with real-time customer service and support.

Sloan already understood that live chat systems were inherently problematic. His goal was to solve the problem of having live chat software go offline in many situations – like when someone needs to ask a question before making an online purchase, prior to submitting a new inquiry, or as they get ready to abandon services from a website. These were all situations that could be avoided with the right resources and a professional live chat monitoring service, according to Sloan.

Live Chat Monitoring is not trying to reinvent the wheel, rather they are improving on an existing business market and the product that it relies upon. What their company sells is outsourced 24/7 live chat monitoring for customers, consumers and business websites. Users are able to offer customer service support in real-time, as well as capture leads and inquiries. All services are accessible at anytime of the day or night, but that is only the beginning for serious customers.

According to Sloan, “We work with our clients to learn about their business and customers’ needs so that we can customise our scripts and train our team on how to handle their customer service enquirers as well as capture quality leads. Our team then monitors the website 24/7 and responds to customer inquiries in real time.”

Live Chat Monitoring works with a simple and classic business model. They provide services that big business clients already know they need, but also attract new customers by referral and advertising.

As Sloan explains, “Our business model is based on monthly subscriptions, and our pricing starts at just $149 for 24/7 monitoring and lead capture. We believe that when we focus on delivering value we don’t need to lock our clients into long term contracts. The model works!”

According to Sloan, on average, customers are reporting a 20-30 percent increase in leads after adding the Live Chat Monitoring service to their websites. These are great numbers, especially for a newly developing website in any online industry.

“All of our clients are getting a positive ROI on our monthly subscriptions and thatís how we are able to grow organically through referrals and recommendations. We’re currently developing some new features and add-ons that will add more value to our service, as well as create additional revenue streams for the business in the future,” says Sloan confidently.

In reality, Live Chat Monitoring is doing very well as a startup. The above information alone is enough to have bragging rights for most new companies, especially for one that is bootstrapped. As a startup without external resources for capital, Live Chat Monitoring has kept their expenses low, taken time to build their client base and focused on a handful of trusted business relationships.

One of their real successes has been in building a team with the right attitude who are committed to the company vision. This was important to Sloan: “Having the right team is essential. As a startup the business is always evolving and moving in to uncharted territory, so it’s important to have a team that believes in what we are doing and is prepared to come on the journey with us.”

Attracting visitors and keeping them interested is the goal of LiveChatMonitoring.com. The company offers live personal attention and customer service for business owners. People with questions about a product or service, can get answers from a live person, not from a list of FAQs on a webpage. In the age of automated responses, Live Chat Monitoring is providing the voices of real people and helping companies build leads, even after business hours.

It will be exciting to see Live Chat Monitoring grow, but their goals for the immediate future are realistic. Since their official launch, Sloan and his team of trained professionals have been stepping up to the task at hand. What they need now is time and a chance to break-out big as an outsourcing company and gain a reputation within the global marketplace.

In a few words, Sloan states,”Our plan for 2014/15 is to continue to grow the company in Australia and look for new opportunities to partner with people and organisations that we can add value to. We are also working with clients in the US and UK so we will be looking to grow in those markets.”

Steady growth with an eye towards the global marketplace, and a product that people really want. That is something that should attract investors to a startup like Live Chat Monitoring. They are definitely a company to watch in the outsourcing market right now, because it is growing year-upon-year. If Live Chat Monitoring manages to conquer, even a small piece of their chosen online industry, that will be a mouthful.