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Dear Arnott’s, copyright infringement isn’t cool, man

- April 9, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

While I may argue that there is nothing new under the sun, it seems that good ol’ cookie manufacturing giant Arnott’s may have engaged in some sneaky copying of 96five’s hilarious ‘Cheetos Canon’ video for their new commercial for Shapes.

The original Cheetos Canon video stars hilarious radio host Zach from ‘Nite Alive with Zach’ on Brisbane’s 96.5 Family Radio. Check it out:


And now, check out the new Shapes TV commercial:


Arnott’s clearly did a more “artistic” job in their adaptation of Cheetos Canon, but you’ve got to give credit to the Aussies who came up with the concept of a canon shooting chips or biscuits in the first place.

Zach is handling the situation with unapologetic humour – demanding a lifetime supply of Shapes, four Wagon Wheels the size of an actual car wheel, and the removal of Orange Cream from Arnott’s Family Assorted packet. This, of course, is payment to some degree or another for “borrowing” their Cheetos Canon concept. I think Zach’s proposition is fair. See the video right at the top and judge for yourself.