UX Design: Even the smallest changes make a big difference

- March 27, 2014 2 MIN READ

User experience design refers to the way design allows us to interact with technology. A study by the Nielsen group showed that investments in usability yielded an average return of 83%.

The three key areas that user experience makes a big impact are sales, customer loyalty and reduced internal costs.

It makes sense that making things easier for users will lead to increased sales. We have found even small changes, like removing a single contact box from your online forms can double your conversions.

European airline AirLingus was able to increase their sales by 73% simply by making it easier to book return flights online. So the changes don’t need to be big, they just need to make things easier.

Delivering a more pleasant experience for customer also improves the connection that you build with your users. We’ve all had the experience of carefully filling out an online form, only to receive an error message and be greeted by a blank form, asking us to fill it in again from scratch.

It’s frustrating and more importantly it strains our relationship with the brand. A simple design tweak to have your website cache (or save) information as users fill out the form can save your users from this frustration, more importantly it will increase your chance of repeat business.

The La Quinta hotel chain found that improving their UX design lead to a 28% increase in customer satisfaction and 50% increase in brand affinity.

Finally, changes to UX design should always focus on putting key information in the most visible place on your website. We found that effectively changing a site layout can reduce customer service enquiries by over 80%.

The importance of UX design is only set to increase as Internet access continues to shift to mobile devices. If current trends continue it is predicted that smartphones or tablets will cater for 87% of Internet connected devices.

This means an increased emphasis on interactivity and better relationships with customers.