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Top Australian campaigns on Indiegogo this week

- March 28, 2014 2 MIN READ

Global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo has released some interesting statistics about Australia. Firstly, the amount of money pledged to Indiegogo campaigns in the country has nearly tripled over the last 12 months, with Technology and Design campaigns experiencing the fastest growth rate.

Film, Technology and Music are still the most commonly funded categories for Australians; and it seems we’re not too bad when it comes to generosity, contributing an average of $75 to campaigns.

There are some interesting Australian campaigns that are trending this week on Indiegogo. First is iFocus Band – a brain training technology that optimises the wearer’s performance – built out of Brisbane.

The band is valued at $295 and fits on the user’s head. It measures, analyses and reports on the user’s brain activity, and trains them on how to get to their optimal state of focus. A complete Neuro-Performance System for business, sports, wellness and gaming, the iFocus Band has already been used by athletes around the world.

Their fundraising goal is $75,000, currently sitting at over $47,000.


Another campaign trending on Indiegogo is Clapstr – a user controlled music platform that combines an outlet for people to listen to and find music and also links songs to emotions, events, activities and keywords.

Developed in Melbourne, Clapstr aggregates search results into a single platform where users (the crowd) will determine the best association of a song with a specific feeling. The platform emerged as a response to people’’s continuous demand for music and desire for new sounds.

They have a fundraising goal of $25,000, and is currently sitting at under $500. The price to become a beta-tester is $5, and for those who want a lifetime subscription to Clapstr will need to fork out $1,000.


Tsuki, the Melbourne-based makers of candles, has surpassed their fundraising goal of $875, currently sitting at over $1,400. The funds raised will be used to relaunch the business with new products, new packaging and a new website.

The candles have a scientific twist, made out of Ecosoya’ – a natural, biodegradable wax made from pure soy beans, completely free from common nasties like petroleum and chemicals. The cost of the candles are $8 for a pack of 8 melt packs.




Youcamp is another campaign gaining some traction on Indiegogo. The business is based out of Moruya Heads, NSW, and offers an online platform where private landholders can list a property and attract visitors wanting authentic experiences on their land.

Currently there are many legal, logistical and social barriers to opening up camping on private land, so this campaign hopes to raise funds to create a report to help Youcamp lobby for change. They also want to find and support a person or a couple to travel across Australia and spread and share the private land camping message – a Youcamp Ambassador.

So far, they’ve raised $1,400 from their $76,000 fundraising goal. For $300, backers can be a special guest at a Youcamp property.