Startup Snippet Repo offering developers a home to store their code

- March 3, 2014 2 MIN READ

Launched in beta mid-January, Snippet Repo is a members-only code repository for developers to store and share useful code snippets. 

The idea for Snippet Repo spawned from personal frustration. Jonathan Bird felt there was no good solution that made it easy for him to store code snippets with search tags. And while there’s plenty of information on the internet and many platforms for developers to connect, none of them help them to expedite the process of discovering new relevant code.

As such, Bird forked out $2,500 from his own hip pocket, and spend 250 hours building his own code repository. Snippet Repo is currently based on a paid membership model.

“As this is very inexpensive to keep running, paid membership turns Snippet Repo profitable allowing us to reinvest in it for our members,” says Bird.

Within 30 days since its beta launch, Snippet Repo has grown into a community over 2,000-strong. The site is averaging 500 daily unique visitors, with 40 percent of those being returning visitors.

The biggest challenge for Bird thus far has been keeping his members active.

“I found that it’s a numbers game so by having more users, more members became active and more returned, in addition to having a good user experience and by having a useful product,” says Bird.

But once this became easier, making money from the product became harder. Bird expresses that it’s difficult to implement a paid-membership business model when the product is essentially a community.

However, it’s still very early days. Bird says he plans on refining Snippet Repo based on user feedback.

“It’s always been important for me to have SnippetRepo be user-driven, so all features are suggested by the members and I build them based on that,” says Bird.

“The main ones we have in the pipeline are private snippets and allowing members to suggest a better solution to snippets other members have posted.”

For more information, visit snippetrepo.com.

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