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Startup Rewardle introduces the ‘Selfie Station’, inspired by Ellen’s Oscar’s moment

- March 5, 2014 2 MIN READ

Ellen DeGeneres’ star-studded Oscar’s Selfie sent Twitter into meltdown, earning itself the title of the most retweeted photo in the history of Twitter.

Inspired by this event, Melbourne-based startup Rewardle has just released a feature that turns its membership, points and rewards system into a “Selfie Station”. The purpose of the feature is to help local businesses generate social media buzz and build engagement.


Ellen’s star-studded Oscar’s selfie.

After the initial Twittersphere buzz died down (ever so slightly), the Oscar’s selfie was suspected of being a carefully choreographed publicity stunt by smartphone manufacturer Samsung.

In realising the power of the selfie, Founder and SEO of Rewardle, Ruwan Weerasooriya, decided not to pass up on the opportunity to help High St merchants have their own Ellen Oscar’s moment.

He says, “The Ellen Oscar’s selfie is the kind of grand stunt that can only be pulled off by big brands with deep pockets. Our Selfie Station brings the marketing power and fun of a little social media buzz to every local merchant on the High St.”

“The Selfie Station is another great example of how we think outside the box for bricks and mortar businesses and provide them with a simple solution to leverage technology and grow their business.”

For those who are unfamiliar with Rewardle, it is basically a digital update on the ubiquitous “buy 9, get 1 free” paper punch card that aims to provide the digital engagement tools and business intelligence used by large retail chains and brands to local High St merchants.  

With the Selfie Station enhancement, merchants can use the Rewardle tablet to engage with customers by allowing them to post a selfie taken with the tablet into their social media feeds.

“Smartphones and tablets are incredibly powerful tools but it all comes down to how they are used. The Ellen selfie was clearly a masterstroke but we think we can bring a little of the magic to daily transactions on the High St,” says Weerasooriya.

For more information on Rewardle, visit rewardle.com.