Snapchat meets Draw Something: Perth entrepreneurs launch social media game

- March 14, 2014 2 MIN READ

After witnessing the success of Draw Something and Snapchat, Perth entrepreneur Brad O’Brien decided to pursue a concept that combines the best of both applications. Launched last week, That’s It is a social media hidden picture guessing game that’s already garnering five-star reviews on iTunes.

Best described as ‘Snapchat in a game’, That’s It allows players to take pictures and get their friends to guess what it is in the same fashion as ‘What’s the pic’ or ‘Pop the pic’.

There are two modes of play that O’Brien believes appeal to two audiences.

‘Friends Play’ allows users to take photos on the go or import pictures from a range of sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, or their camera roll. Once they have chosen an image, the user must write their own personal question that relates to the photo and a hidden answer. The question can be virtually anything – for instance, ‘Where was this taken?’ or ‘Who is in this picture?’

The image, question and hidden answer then get sent to the chosen friend who receives the image hidden by tiles. The friend then removes tiles until they can answer the question.

“This photo sending game is all about the joy of sharing photos with your friends and gives users a different take to other photo sending apps like Snapchat,” says O’Brien, Founder of 23 Million Plus.

‘Category Play’, on the other hand, is for users who enjoy a more point competitive photo guessing game. This mode targets people who enjoy games like  ‘4 pics 1 word’ and ‘Whats the pic’.

There are over 100 categories and 3000 images to choose from – including sports, music artists, geography, history, entertainment and many general categories. Users can then compare their scores for each category on the world leader board.

“The photo guessing concept give users the ability to play against friends or randoms based on points, which all other photo guessing games lack. We believe this to be our most appealing feature,” says O’Brien.

Of course, a game isn’t game unless you can earn something. On That’s Itplayers earn coins and can use them for hints.

Although O’Brien came up with the concept, the technology behind the game was built by Applabs Technologies, the first ASX-listed app development company and app venture fund. O’Brien and Stuart Kidd, Managing Director of Applabs Technologies collaborated to bring the game to life.

The duo have three monetisation strategies:

  • In-app purchases of coin packs that can be used to purchase hints and extra categories within the game;
  • Advertising – Given the app is free and ‘Friends Mode’ can be played endlessly without spending a dollar, they we hope to attract large volumes of users around the world which will generate revenue from the in-app advertising banners within the game;
  • Premium app upgrade – Users can purchase the premium app to remove ad banners, enable a in-game chat messenger system and extend the image filters for editing images in ‘Friends Play’.

O’Brien says their primary goal at the moment is to “build a large database of users around the world who enjoy and use the app whether it be in ‘Friends Play’, ‘Category Play’ or both and then adapt our monetisation strategy accordingly.”

If you’ve got some time to kill, you can download out the game via iTunes and Google Play.