Private Media appoints Bronwen Clune as new Editor of StartupSmart

- March 18, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

Flagship startup publication StartupSmart has a new editor in the form of popular journalist Bronwen Clune who has taken over the reigns this week. Clune who is well known for her writing as a columnist for The Guardian also brings to the table a wealth of experience from the startup space.

From a journalism perspective Clune is a great content strategist sitting as a Director for organisations such as The Blogging Co and as a board member for The Foundation for Public Interest Journalism. Her startup experience however is what is most exciting for the space, having worked as a Customer Development Manager at Pollenizer, a Digital Director at Beacon Ventures and being the founder of Norg Media and Newsgraf.

This is an exciting time for media covering the startup space, and I am loving every moment of it. Whilst that may seem strange coming from the founder of a publication in direct competition with StartupSmart – I believe that appointments such as Clune, the recently appointed Editor at Large for Techly – Claire Porter and of course Tasnuva Bindi here at Shoe String are meaning that reporting on the startup scene and investigative features within the space will be stepping up a few notches.

This is a great thing for startups, when you look at environments such as Silicon Valley, niche media is critical to their culture and success as an ecosystem.

 Featured image: Bronwen Clune. Source: www.thebloggingco.com.