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I’ve been hacked: And you probably know them!

- March 31, 2014 2 MIN READ

Generally we think of Hackers as being uber high tech criminals from the likes of epic spy dramas such as James Bond. Whilst not denying the existence of such characters in the real world, hacking is something that is much more common than the everyday business owner may realise and unfortunately in most cases – are WAY closer to home than you think.

According to statistics released by McAfee, a large percentage of businesses will know the person that is doing the hacking of their assets in most cases being a current or ex-employee that still has access to the systems. This can cause major problems to a growing business or startup, meaning digital downtime and a need to head straight down the path of recovery mode.

To prevent this type of thing from happening business owners should implement some of the following measures into their security plan in order to protect their information, systems and bottom line.

1. Make passwords that are tough to crack

You should have a separate password for each account, so that if one account gets hacked, all of your vital information is not vulnerable. If you are anything like me and have a memory like a goldfish, this can be quite hard.

I suggest having a database of passwords saved for your business somewhere safe that only you as the business owner have access to. Also changing all passwords for employees as they leave the business.

2. Two step authentication

When you log on to multiple devices to access your email account, you are especially vulnerable to hackers.

Many websites now have two-step verification. Google is one. Essentially, it means that you need more than a password to log into a new account. If you use the service, you have to remember a password but also remember a special key that gets sent to you as a text.

3. Back It Up

You can either use an external hard drive or an online service. As more of the things we care about get stored electronically, the more vulnerable they are to get lost. If your smartphone gets stolen with wedding photos on it, there won’t be as much heartbreak.

Doing all of this takes time, energy and money. But being hacked can be the gateway to identity theft or worse – such as an entire rebuild of your WHOLE ONLINE BUSINESS!

4. Consolidation

Are you really using all of those cloud based productivity applications you have accounts with?

Make a list, check it twice and then delete the accounts for the services you signed up for and no longer use.

5. Purchase small business cyber protection

McAfee understand that running a business in today’s environment is demanding. They also understand that 20% of cyberattacks are on businesses with less than 250 employees. Now you can get the deep security solutions that today’s small businesses require, without needing deep staff or pockets. Simply choose the solution that fits you.

Check out more info here.