Innie: A simple solution to your shoe lace problem

- March 27, 2014 2 MIN READ

They can come untied and trip you over. You can shove them inside your sneakers but that hurts. You can do a double knot, but then taking off your shoes becomes complicated. These are the burdens we, First World residents, face when it comes to laced shoes. 

Not to worry. Melbourne-based entrepreneur and sneakerhead, Bart Atherinos, has come to our rescue with his new invention Innie. Typically, Innie is for the style-conscious individual who wears laced shoes with a clean bow-less style. Until now, achieving this look would require the fashion elite to stuff their laces into their shoes, a very uncomfortable experience when the laces crawl beneath the soles of your feet.

Innie, on the other hand, is a pair of shoelace clips that attaches onto the laces and sits between the tongue and inner side of the shoe. The clip holds the tension of the laces so the excess laces can be cut, improving the style and comfort of laced shoes.


Innie, Minnie, Mynie, Mo

Those who dare not cut their laces – the ‘outies’, so to speak – can still use Innie to avoid their shoes laces from loosening or coming undone.

This new invention has gained some traction since launching on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. International sneaker publication Sneaker Freaker reviewed the product, saying: “Convenient and simple enough for any sneakerhead to operate, the Innie will keep your sneaks snug as a rug or allow you to control the lace for that extra needed space”.

Within 24 hours of its launch, Innie reached 20 percent of its fundraising goal. Currently sitting at over $3,500, Atherinos is hoping to raise a total of $10,000, with 29 days to go.

Innies are available in five colours (black, white, pink, blue and yellow) and one pack completes two pairs of shoes. Retail price is $5.95 per pack but will be discounted during the Kickstarter campaign in a bid to raise enough funding to go into production.

Sometimes it’s the small, simple things that are ingenious.

Check out the campaign video via Kickstarter.