Google Australia launches its Start with Code initiative

- March 20, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

Google Australia has launched its new Start with Code initiative to encourage our country’s next generation of inventors and creators. The launch video which went public on Monday this week talks about the many inventions used everyday across the globe that Australians have been responsible for – from the boomerang to WiFi.

As part of the initiative, Google Australia has put together a 29 page e-book that is available for download that includes a foreword by Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, as well as various thought leadership articles and profiles on Australian entrepreneurs, digital thinkers and investors.

Included in the book is a detailed analysis of the Australian startup economy. Both Jeremy Thorpe and Trent Lund from PWC have done a brilliant job breaking down the space and uncovering the risks and opportunities that we face as an ecosystem.

The website for Google's Start with Code initiative

The website for Google’s Start with Code initiative

The purpose around the site and the initative in general is to spread the message that learning to code is the first step toward solving almost any kind of problem. Hopefully as the initiative grows and gains more exposure it will encourage the current and next generations to embark on a career that’s creative, challenging, rewarding and sustainable. 

You can get your code on now by visiting the site here.