Tech startup Flixel takes living photography patented technology solution to desktop

- February 28, 2014 2 MIN READ

Last year, we fell in love with Flixel Cinemagraph – an app that adds an element of motion to an otherwise still image. Our founder, Mat Beeche, who can’t get enough of GIFs couldn’t resist the app either. And neither could supermodel businesswoman Tyra Banks who invested into the Canadian company.

Flixel’s Co-Founder and CEO, Phillipe LeBlanc previously said, “cinemagraphs combine the best of both worlds – the timeless quality of photography and the captivating aspects of video”.

Whether it’s hair blowing in the wind, fabric flowing from a gown, or flickering fire in the background, cinemagraphs add an exciting new dimension to images. They could be created just for fun or for digital advertisements.


Flixel’s app was initially designed for mobile phones and tablets. But this week, the Canadian startup announced the launch of Cinemagraph Pro for Mac, bringing their patented technology solution to the desktop with a simple, professional, and social media friendly interface.

Cinemagraph Pro for Mac is a major upgrade from the previous iOS-based creation tools. The software now includes support for UHD (4K) resolution video capture, proposes refined masking tools, seamless looping options and a wide range of filters. 

Creators can upload and share their living photos in high resolution to Flixel’s community as well as to a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

The interface enables fast and fluid editing. After shooting a short video, a user imports it into the application, selects the range of motion and applies Flixel’s “live-masking” technology, revealing in real-time the region of a still image that will move endlessly in a seamless loop.

Flixel also offers its audience the ability to embed living photos onto websites and blogs. The embeddable Flixel player hides the complexities of video on the web, and allows auto-plays and auto-loops in all browsers and platforms, including mobile. The company intends to lend its platform as a powerful tool for advertisers and marketers of all kinds.

Phillipe LeBlanc, Co-Founder and CEO of Flixel

Phillipe LeBlanc, Co-Founder and CEO of Flixel

“We are proud to be launching the next generation of Flixel technology,” said LeBlanc in their latest media release.

“We believe new service offerings and income opportunities will arise for pro photographers across many segments, not to mention the highly disruptive potency of Cinemagraph images as a new communicative medium within the advertising industry.”

The only thing to remember when using this technology is that the quality of the cinemagraph is only going to be as good as the video you shoot. If you’re using a smartphone video cam, the cinemagraph won’t look as pretty.

Cinemagraph Pro for Mac is priced at $199.99 and available for purchase on www.flixel.com and the Mac App Store.