Startup Muster to show government, investors and media what’s really happening in the startup scene

- February 28, 2014 2 MIN READ

It may not be obvious, but Startup Muster may just be one of the best initiatives of the year. Launched today, Startup Muster is a survey of the Australian startup community, that will detail what Australia has accomplished every year.

The idea behind Startup Muster was conceived by experienced coder and prominent personality in Sydney’s startup scene, Murray Hurps – also the founder of Ad Muncher, Leap Touch, Feedback Fast, ImHere.io and others.

Hurps says the purpose of the survey is to show government, investors and the media what’s really happening in the Australian startup scene. There will be a free report each year, along with a free anonymised data set.

“We’ve used some new survey methods to help motivate people, such as being able to compare yourself to existing responses, an infinite scroll arrangement, and quotes from industry leaders given just for this survey that appear as you answer,” says Hurps.

“The data will be analysed by myself and two volunteers with experience in generating reports like this.”

He adds that the report will follow a similar format to those prepared by PwC and Deloitte, only with more useful data.

According to Hurps, previous surveys of the startup industry have never focused on Australia; that we’ve been hugely under-represented in them.

“It’s time to show the amazing things that are happening in Australia, and let government, investors and the media see that it needs far more attention” says Hurps.

The survey is running for two weeks, ending on March 14th 2014, and the free report should be available by the end of April.

Startup Muster also has no commercial agenda; it’s a labour of love.

“This is a volunteer effort, with no sponsors or company involvement, and my only agenda is increasing visibility for the industry that has done so much for me,” says Hurps.

Initiatives like this are critical to prepare for the growth of the Australian startup scene. The collection of this type of data can be used to build strong cases for companies and government to invest in educational initiatives for our local marketplace.

You can be part of the survey by filling out the questions here: www.startupmuster.com