Startup CompareTheMarket.com.au partners with healthcare giant Bupa

- February 27, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

Comparethemarket.com.au, an insurance price comparison startup that features more than 100 brands across nine categories – including car, travel, life and health insurance – has announced a strategic partnership with healthcare organisation Bupa.

The move will see Comparethemarket.com.au offer Australians seven health insurance products from Bupa – and lead the health insurance aggregator space with a health insurance panel featuring 13 health insurers.

The strategic partnership is a significant achievement for Comparethemarket.com.au, which launched to market in Australia in February 2013.

Grant Waldeck, Comparethemarket.com.au spokesperson, says, their aim is to provide consumers with the best possible health comparison panel, while at the same time, assist brands in growing and retaining new customers.

“With Bupa being a significant health insurance brand in Australia, entering this partnership makes great sense. We can now offer our customers a product from 13 different health insurance brands and eight out of the 10 largest health insurers nationally which is more than any other Health Comparison website in Australia,” says Waldeck.

From a business perspective, Comparethemarket.com.au are trying to offer as wide a selection of brands as they can in their comparison panel. They encourage transparency and competition so that customers navigating the site can make the most informed decision when making a complex insurance purchase.

“Our process of carrying out a thorough needs analysis and our emphasis on getting the right policy for Australians is consistently delivering satisfied customers,” says Waldeck.

“Our service is not about switching customers for the sake of it; we want to ensure our customers are happy with their choice of health insurer for their life stage and when that stage changes for whatever reason, we’ll be ready to assist them again.”


Image source: Display Wise