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Who said personal chefs are just for the rich and famous?

- February 14, 2014 2 MIN READ

At Your Table, a bespoke dining service founded by husband and wife entrepreneurs, has just expanded into the digital space. The new online platform allows consumers to create a personalised fine dining experience by selecting from over 35 personal chefs, their menus and wine flights. The business has been built on the philosophy that everyone deserves to have a personal chef – not just the rich and famous.

The idea behind At Your Table was conceived by ex-event-marketer, food lover, chef and mum, Ellie Mistry and her husband Oliver Mistry, an advertising and marketing executive. Mrs Mistry started out in 2009 as the original personal chef for At Your Table and now boasts over 35 chefs in Australia and now globally with the launch of a UK operation last month.

Like many other business ideas, the inspiration for At Your Table came from frustration. Despite enjoying throwing dinner parties, as a working mum, Mrs Mistry was always struggling for time to do the shopping, as well as preparing the house, food and drinks.

“I spent many dinner parties stuck in the kitchen rather than enjoying our friends company. As most working mums understand we struggle for time to do the shopping, prepare the house, food and drinks. That’s when I had the idea there was need for someone else to do the work and it not having to cost a fortune, which is the perception of having a personal chef. At Your Table makes the experience easy, enjoyable and achievable cost wise,” says Mrs Mistry.


The Mistry Family

The business was run by Mrs Mistry for the first three years in operation, with Mr Mistry coming on board after realising the potential for the business to grow.

“Ellie captured the attention of people who don’t have the time to shop, prepare and cook for guests or, they just can’t cook! Ellie ran the business for three years while also being a new mum. The opportunity for At Your Table to grow was obvious; it just needed an extra set of hands.,” says Mr Mistry.

“So I left the world of advertising which gave me the skills grow the business, improve our marketing, and work on partnerships and creative ideas such as our ‘Black Label’ roster and our new website, which in turn leaves Ellie to work her magic with our chefs and sommeliers.”

Mrs Mistry is well-experienced in the hospitality industry, having spent countless hours perfecting their craft in award winning restaurants such as Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck, Maxims de Paris, The Goose at Britwell Salome, Quay, Iceburgs Dining Room and Longrain. Now with Master Chef Professionals who joining the At Your Table team, Mr and Mrs Mistry believe their chefs and sommeliers have earned their stripes.

At Your Table personal Chefs are available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Hunter Valley as well as Perth, Port Douglas and now the UK.

For more information, visit www.atyourtable.com.au.