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Quixomatic partners with OpenMenu, providing lead-generating websites to restaurants

- February 26, 2014 2 MIN READ

First, they partnered with Facebook, then Instagram, YouTube and Soundcloud. Yesterday, Quixomatic, a startup founded by four Aussie ex-Yahoo! employees, announced their partnership with OpenMenu.

Quixomatic was launched last year with the purpose of helping small businesses create professional, lead-generating websites by leveraging social media and content marketplaces. The sites are mobile-friendly, and don’t require the upfront costs usually associated with traditional web development or the ongoing time involved in maintaining DIY websites.

Despite being bricks and mortar businesses, restaurants are recognising the importance of having an online presence. Aside from the fact that consumers are increasingly using search engines as their primary mode of discovery, they also like to do their research before visiting a restaurant of café.

Quixomatic’s new partnership with OpenMenu – a US-based platform that provides a single point-of-access for restaurants to manage their menus – means that restaurants with a social presence can design, develop and maintain websites by connecting their existing OpenMenu accounts and social networks. The website will be ready in less than one minute and requires no ongoing maintenance to keep content fresh and up-to-date for their customers.


Yokozuna Restaurant

Quixomatic extends the OpenMenu reach even further by keeping the restaurant’s brand at the front of their menu with their integrated OpenMenu solution.

Managing Director of Quixomatic, Brett Poole says in the media release, “Quixomatic’s mission is to vastly improve website publishing for small to medium business users. So when looking for a menu solution, we immediately saw the benefits of OpenMenu’s approach to standards, distribution and data portability.”

So how does it work? Restaurants simply add their Open Menu ID into their console; and in just one click, their website has a neatly-laid out menu. The content is easily readable on all devices – desktop, tablet and mobile – and search engines will also index the content.


Where to locate OpenMenu ID

Where to type in OpenMenu ID

Where to type in OpenMenu ID

OpenMenu is continuing to grow globally – so they’re always looking for solutions which can support the restaurants they have in over 100 countries. They’re thrilled by the new partnership, as Quixomatic brings one of those solutions to businesses that are yet to experience the full benefits of technology.

“We found a gem with Quixomatic. They are providing a website for restaurants that will be the future of how websites are built and powered. Up and running in less than a minute with no ongoing maintenance to give your customers fresh menu information and social engagement with your restaurant,” Chris Hanscom, CEO and Founder of OpenMenu, says in the media release.