New tool allows startups to compare their finances to Apple’s first year

- February 7, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

Finnish banking company, Holvi, recently launched a fun tool for startups to compare their budgets and finance with that of Apple during their first year in business – which was 1976.

The Holvi team, who have plenty of respect for Apple because of the company’s “incessant quest for innovation and bringing technological magic to the masses”, decided to investigate the historical financial details of Apple’s first year as an operating company. This was so they could create a template that would show others just how Apple raised their finances and how they spent their money in 1976, hoping users have fun comparing themselves to the tech empire to see how they measure up.

If you’re a budding startup hoping to become the next hottest company in the world, it might be an interesting exercise to play with this tool. Check it out here.

Holvi — Demo account