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Increasing Letterbox Leverage

- February 26, 2014 2 MIN READ

While there’s a lot of focus on the digital side of marketing, with search ranking, social media and email all in the spotlight, it’s important not to miss more traditional channels and the opportunity to engage a multichannel approach.

One of the physical channels that facilitates a direct, local marketing campaign is letterbox advertising. Recent research pegs this as a proven performer too.

Even today, with the huge push towards digital marketing, Roy Morgan research shows Australia’s leading retailers spend up to 65 per cent of their entire marketing budget on letterbox advertising.

The same research also reports that 54 per cent of people that receive letterbox advertising are influenced by it. That’s a huge market and, unlike unopened emails, letterbox advertising is filed with the important stuff.

The tangible nature of letterbox marketing means it’s much more obtrusive than digital channels and so is harder to ignore.

In a survey by Australia Post, 72 per cent of respondents said the top attribute of a catalogue is that it’s easy to refer to later. This is great news as it means consumers are keeping catalogues longer and using them more often when making purchasing decisions.

According to the Australian Catalogue Association’s annual report, catalogues have the largest reach across all media channels, reaching up to 18.3 million Australians every day. Being ranked number one for advertising effectiveness suggests it makes sense for all small businesses to get posting.

How To Do It Well

The key is to make your campaign stand out. Like any marketing, you need to ensure your flyer is the one that glows against your competitors. Make sure you’ve got a unique design when it comes to logos, fonts and even the choice of paper.

Make the message snappy and targeted to your customers. Knowing your customers, or potential customers, is going to need a lot of background research so really make the effort here.

Lastly, a strong incentive or great giveaway will raise curiosity and make sure your business stays in mind. The better the prize, the better the results.

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