Don’t sacrifice your business to attract candidates

- January 8, 2014 2 MIN READ

I found myself in a strange situation a couple of weeks ago. As I was prepping for 2014 and setting everything up for a new full time employee, and was starting to have some conversations with potential future employees – I saw that I was negotiating on some aspects of certain things, like particular responsibilities within a role right through to office and team structures and set-ups.

Then I thought to myself mid-conversation – Hang on a moment … this is my business here!

I get the mentality and what I was doing – I love my business, and I want my future team to care about it as much as I do, and I want to make sure that I create an environment and company that employees WANT to work within. But negotiating at this early stage of on boarding my first employees is setting myself up for a challenging road ahead, as it will do nothing but create a culture where everything is negotiable – and that simply doesn’t work in business. Well at least I know it won’t in mine.

As an entrepreneur you have a very clear vision of what you want, what you need and the path you need to take in order to achieve those things. Everytime you change something such as roles and responsibilities, pay rates, commission structures and the like, you divert from that road and delay your arrival at your goal.

I decided to ask myself a question:

What is more important to me, my business or my employees?

Tough Question. Because every book I have read and role I have ever had in the corporate world told me that people were the most important part of a business. That is true, people are the most important part of A BUSINESS – but they are not more important than THE BUSINESS.

What a difference this thinking has made in my approach to my growth for this year.

If I don’t take care of the Business’s needs before the needs of everybody else within the business, it will never be able to take care of the people that rely on it for their income, and resources required for them to actually do their job.

The reason you create a plan in your business is so you can stick to that plan, budgets exist because they help you reach your financial goals and no matter how good you think someone is – the reality is talent can be developed and you should never feel backed into a corner to bend your growth plans in order to please people in the beginning of your business – that’s how businesses die.

I have decided to make sure my business needs are always met first from now on.

Image source: www.jasonvana.com