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Startup Amigo set to become the WordPress for mobile apps

- December 11, 2013 3 MIN READ

Businesses seeking to transition into the mobile app space, are usually tossing up between two options when choosing a development firm: the risk-free no frills option, or the high-end alternative that come with big price tags. Sydney-based startup Amigo App Systems strives to bring the best of both worlds, providing medium to large businesses with “premium quality, tailor-made app solutions” at one-quarter of the cost.

In an interview with Breakout, David Kirkpatrick, CEO of Techonomy and author of “The Facebook Effect” says, “In the next few years the online world will transition from company sites to company apps. The theory is that in the future there will be no company web addresses. Everything will be accessed through a company’s app” (25 July, 2013).

Founded by 22-year-old entrepreneur, Alex Tassone, Amigo App Systems aims to dominate the Australian mobile app industry with their in-house system.

Amigo’s front-end and back-end solution works in a similar way to WordPress. In the front-end, you have the actual application in native iOS and Android, and in the back-end, you have a content management system that sits in the cloud. Users can log in through the webpage and make edits, which will transpire into the app on the front-end.

“The back-end allows for greater dynamics which is refined and customised per business. For Shoe String Media, for example, you would have a front-end app accessible on both the iOS and Android systems; and in the back-end you would be able create content, images, text, videos live in your app,” says Tassone.

“You can also send mass messages with geo-tagging, and establish marketing campaigns. The whole market is moving away from a static interface to a content driven world.”

“Ultimately you end up with a one-on-one connection with your users through the content management system. You are also able to see (in real-time) what your users are doing and how they are using the app through our analytics dashboard.”


Image provided by Amigo App Systems

Tassone stresses that the Amigo system is 100 percent Australian-made and maintained. This means that nothing is outsourced or offshored; and in the event the user requires assistance, they will be speaking to a local team member.

“The reason we do this, is to be that platform that allows business to reach a level of transparency with its consumers. We see a world whereby all business and brands will seamlessly connect with their consumers through a well integrated native system,” says Tassone.

He explains that other firms would charge in excess of $20,000, whereas Amigo App Systems charges approximately $5,000; and there are no restrictions on who they can serve.

“We tailor the app to suit all types of businesses, from beauty and pharmaceuticals to public speaking and news, and everything in between,” he says.

But what was the inspiration behind a business that already has thousands of competitors? Tassone says he wanted to provide “a sound but high-tech option for premium applications”.

“There are a few of low cost options and also a few high cost options. It’s my value adding incentive for medium to large businesses and brands to obtain an app cost effectively, with full services and features. I wanted to create a solution to provide superior value and support, with greater connection to the end-user, and allow businesses to actually transition into the app world with a goal of significant ROI.”

“How you employ technology is important, but far more important is how you create that emotional connection to turn customers into passionate advocates.”

When it comes to design, Tassone explains that firms that charge a cheaper price usually use stock designs, whereas Amigo App Systems designs every app from scratch in their own technology backyard.

For basic maintenance, Amigo App Systems charges a maintenance fee of $200 per month – higher for enterprise level maintenance where there is more data, memory usage and users.

In typical ‘Alex Tassone’ style, the business was entirely bootstrapped, and has cost approximately $20,000 to date, as well as eight months of free labour.

Next year, Tassone plans on introducing in-built customer service chat rooms within the app, m-commerce transactions and store management, and more that will be revealed in the months to come.

More information on the Amigo System is available via www.amigoapps.com.au.